Friday, December 11, 2009

Ear Candling? sketch

Does anyone want an ear candling? I'm not really sure what that is but this is what comes to my mind. This is a little photoshop sketch that started out as a warm up but was very fun. It could be called ear wax too. When I have a chance I would like to do a little more.


Samuel said...

I really enjoy the process of ear coning or ear candling. It is very relaxing and soothing. I really just wish people could understand the true facts about it. Most of the info people get is all common miss conception and untrue facts. I have done a fair amount of research and found a couple of great places that provide excellent information.

Caleb, Shannyn, and Clark Weiler said...

Hey Rusty,

Are you the same Rusty Gregory that graduated from BYU in 2008 and is from Wyoming? If so, I hope you remember me. I was in your ward at Wymount.

I home teach a lady who is a children's book author, and I mentioned to her that I knew a really good illustrator. She is interested in getting in touch with you. If that's ok with you, feel free to email me at I'd also love to hear how you're doing. I am hugely impressed with the artwork on this blog! Absolutely outstanding! Hope you guys are doing well. Hopefully, I'll hear from you soon.