Friday, July 18, 2008

BFA show

The time has come for my senior show(finally)! This is an invite for the whole world. Just click on the card for the details.

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PJ Lynch said...

Hi Rusty
Thanks for the kind comments.
Your work is excellant!
Being able to draw, and compose and render the way you do, I think you will really go far.
I wish I knew what the market is looking for, I would do it myself.
Please yourself first of all, then worry about whether others will like it.
I would say that for picture books you could do with a little less grimness. I love the dark scary shadowy stuff myself , but too much of that and you are moving towards graphic novel territory for older kids. Having said that Neil Gaiman books are selling like hot cakes.
Keep drawing...the life studies are great.
Very best of luck with it.
Hey , I was in Provo a few years back. I had a great time.